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Libby’s bold, yet loving tone requires you to take action post event. Whether she is speaking to a health care organization, virtually to elementary school teachers during biggest loser challenge, or at a women’s conference, Libby is relatable and connects to these individuals on a deeper level. She always starts with the “why”.. without the why, there is no action. This gets the audience to begin thinking as she continues to speak and teach which sets them up for a greater take away.

As an Exercise Physiologist who studied exercise prescription in disease and special population and somewhat of a clinical background, she brings the science behind working out and living healthy which makes her a great match for the health care world. As a 20 something advocate for healthy living from the inside out, mind body and spirit, Libby is also a match for the college ages women and other women conferences.

Libby began her speaking and teaching journey holding her own women’s conferences then expanded into healthcare and the school system, now enjoys speaking and teaching in a broad spectrum of environments.

Her favorite topics to speak and teach on

  • Finding Your Worth

  • Insecurities, Body Image, Confidence

  • Importance of Nutrition and Fitness

  • Interactive Workouts

  • Exercise is Medicine

  • Relationships and Marriage

  • Un-figured Out Life and Plans


Libby is available virtual and in person for speaking engagements, women’s conferences, employee health days, leading workouts, small group interactive teaching sessions.

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 If you’re in the business world who’s employees are ready to feel better, think better, work better .. OR .. Hosting a women’s conference, planning a college event, or the like, and want your girls to hear a bold yet loving message with take aways..

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