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Empowering women to break free

from societal standards,

embracing the freedom given to them

through Christ.

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hey friend!

Libby here, I started to see a disconnect between women of all ages and living a healthy lifestyle.

Pressure to look a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way, think a certain way is at the forefront of women’s minds whether they realize it or not. A healthy mindset, followed by healthy spiritual grounding is just as important as physical health but is often left in the dark because we can’t “see” it.

This is why Faithfully Fit Army was created, to help women break free from societal standards and embrace the freedom given to them through Christ - Mind Body Soul.

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Our Primary mission on this earth is to share the gospel. Each of these shirts are uniquely created to help you share your story providing a gate way to also share the gospel.



speaking teaching and coaching you on living a healthy lifestyle

from the inside out


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